Data management
Data management

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also gradually finding its way within the ecological sector. Waardenburg Ecology sees the great benefits of AI and is happy to invest in these ingenious technologies. They help us collect, process and analyze complex data sets. But above all, it makes us future-proof.

In daily practice, we increasingly use intelligent technology such as sensors, smart cameras, radar systems and drones. We automatically collect increasing amounts of data. The size and complexity of these datasets require a smart approach. The use of AI helps us efficiently perform analyzes that would otherwise be impossible. This creates many new possibilities.

Deep learning & object detection

For example, deep learning models make it possible to count glass eels 24 hours a day. In this project, passing glass eels swim past a camera and are automatically detected and counted by a model.
With object detection it is possible to distinguish and count breeding birds from drone images. In this way we can estimate the number of breeding pairs in breeding colonies in an efficient and reliable manner.

Machine learning

Other examples of developments in the use of AI are analyzing 3D radar data with machine learning and the use of smart image analyzes for camera traps. AI is increasingly finding its way into our work and Waardenburg Ecology is on top of it!