Wildlife-friendly design

Wildlife-friendly design

Over the past decade, wildlife-friendly design has become a fundamental part of developments. Waardenburg Ecology has an extensive knowledge of ecology and ecological landscape design, allowing us to combine people's wishes and the requirements of wildlife. The result is beautiful and practical designs that work for wildlife and people.

We are motivated by the challenge of increasing the benefits to people and wildlife. We want both cities and rural areas to be a haven for people and wildlife, and every type of development offers opportunities for this. We work towards creating a rich, climate-resistant and beautiful living environment.

Passionate people

The wildlife-friendly design team consists of passionate ecological landscape architects, designers and ecologists who help ensure a complete solution. We work and think from an integrated perspective, in space and in time, from the soil and water to in the air. We create promising prospects for an area whilst maintaining respect for its past.

Creative and functional

We work creatively, carefully and visually. With our comprehensive ecological knowledge, we deliver clear plans with benefits for biodiversity. Our plans are designed to work both functionally and ecologically, are beautiful and fulfil clients' requirements.