Restoration ecology

Restoration ecology

Restoration projects are often necessary for maintaining a healthy living environment. We have extensive knowledge and experience of restoring ecosystems that have been negatively impacted by human activities. We are involved in numerous restoration projects on land, in freshwater, coastal and marine environments.

Human activities often have negative impacts on the natural environment. Coastal defences have destroyed many of the natural transitions between water and land, intensive agricultural practices have negatively affected biodiversity and fishing has brought imbalance to marine ecosystems. The restoration of natural systems is a essential for ensuring a healthy living environment for future generations, so much so that the European Union has now laid this down in law.

Wealth of knowledge

We are involved in numerous ecological restoration projects including research into the effectiveness of dead wood in rivers and oyster recovery projects in the North Sea. We work worldwide in a range of habitats including the mangroves of Florida and Australia. We have over 40 years of experience in ecological research; on land, at sea and in the air. We use this wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in ecological restoration projects worldwide.

Ecosystem restoration

We design and carry out restoration and recovery projects, monitor their effectiveness and develop our own innovations to increase success. We often work together with passionate accademics and representatives of NGOs.