Although we are based in the Netherlands, Waardenburg Ecology works throughout the world. We have worked on all seven continents and regularly work on international projects where we can apply our unique expertise to new situations. Our expertise spans the entire ecological spectrum, from freshwater and marine ecosystems to terrestrial and soil ecology, hydrobiological research, aeroecology, practical restoration, and legislation.

We often work together with local partners, contribute to meetings, advise on research projects and nature restoration projects. Whether advising on the latest research techniques or assisting in field research, we have unique insights that can be applied across the globe.

From Asia to Antarctica

We have been conducting research on seabirds for many years, and in several countries around the North Sea, providing important information for the energy transition process. Our marine biologists work on restoration projects in mangrove areas, seagrass beds and oyster beds in North America, the Caribbean, Asia and Australia. Our terrestrial ecologists conduct studies as part of environmental impact assessments for various projects in Africa.

In Antarctica, South America, Africa and in various European countries, our bird ecologists help to catch and track bird species using transmitters and use radars to understand bird migration. Our aquatic ecologists advise on projects relating to water management in Asia.

Local partners

For international projects to succeed, it is important to work with local partners. Every year we participate in various international conferences and meetings and even organise some ourselves. As a result, we have a large international network of partners that we know well and with whom we regularly collaborate. Successful collaboration leads to successful projects!