Landscape architecture

Waardenburg Ecology has a team of experienced landscape architects and designers who specialize in designing sustainable and livable environments. They combine their knowledge of landscape design, urban design and ecology to provide successful and attractive solutions for complex issues in spatial planning.

Our working areas are in both urban and rural areas. The aim of our designs is that areas are ultimately functional, attractive and provide sufficient space for wildlife and climate adaptation.

Connecting nature and culture

Firstly, we take into account the characteristics of the soil and the water, which is essential for a successful design. We then connect wildlife and natural elements with and the culture and the surroundings to create a story encompassing the past and for the future. We are also committed to promoting biodiversity and solutions for climate change.

A well-designed landscape or public space has a positive impact on the health and well-being of its users, reduces stress and promotes social interaction. In addition, it contributes to the economic development and appreciation the area.

Design, advice and visualization

We work at all scale levels; from regional landscapes to city and council areas. In every project we strive for an optimal balance between short- and long-term results, and we visualize the ideas so that they are accessible to everyone.

Our team are driven in creating biodiverse, climate-adaptive and pleasant living environments for people and wildlife alike. With our expertise we offer innovative solutions for complex issues.