Lab analyses

Laboratory analysis

Our analysts unravel the secrets of the natural world. Waardenburg Ecology has laboratories in Haren and Culemborg. We carry out a multitude of analyses on plankton and macrofauna, and we also have our own DNA lab.

Our specialist equipment and knowledge opens up the fascinating world of organisms that live in our freshwater and marine habitats.

Specialist knowledge

Our knowledgable specialists perform more than 1,000 plankton and macrofauna analyses every year. We work with a variety of clients such as govenmental bodies, water authorities, environmental agencies and local authorities. We also collaborate with research institutes and other partners within the academic and NGO community.

Innovative research

Special projects require special techniques. We have developed an underwater suction sampler specifically for sampling macrofauna on and around complex structures such as dead wood. This innovative method has now become a standard in the Netherlands. We also have our own DNA lab at our Haren office where we carry out eDNA monitoring, qPCR for various species-groups and metabarcoding analyses. We also work with water authorities and environmental agencies for microplastic analyses.

We are proud that both of our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited; an internationally recognised certification for quality.