Terrestrial ecology
Monitoring and surveys

Breeding bird surveys

When surveying breeding birds in nature reserves and/or areas where spatial interventions are planned, we use standard methods as well as innovative techniques. The numbers of territories or breeding pairs can be compared with other areas, national and international trends or previous inventories in the area.

Monitoring results are essential for area and site managers, and can be used to assess the success of habitat management or the effects of spatial interventions.

Different methods

We carry out breeding bird inventories according to the national breeding bird survey standards ('extensive territory mapping') and, if required, according to the guidelines of the Dutch Nature and Landscape Management Subsidy System (SNL). During surveys, we record all relevant observations in the field using a field computer. During each field visit data are synchronised live with our online database.
We also carrying out counts of colony-nesting birds with the help of our licensed UAV pilots and dedicated image analysis techniques.

Reporting and advice

We process the results into distribution maps and tables with the numbers. Data are presented clearly in a report or interactively via online 'story maps'. If there are unexpected results we examine whether this has a clear cause. We not only look at the effects of habitat management, but also at nearby developments and population trends at the larger scale. We hereby advise on any additional or changes to management measures are needed.