Data management

Data processing

Data collection is an important step in many of our projects. The information contained within these data forms the foundation for our analyses and advice. The correct handling and processing of these data are vital in ensuring that the research questions can be properly addressed.

With over 1,000 projects every year, we collect and analyse a lot of data. This requires efficient and secure data handling as well as flexibility when preparing these data for various analyses and presentation.

Scripts and GIS

For complex or recurring analyses, we develop scripts. This ensures transparency and reproducibility. Decisions and assumptions can be documented in the script making the work transferable and traceable.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software is indispensable for analysing spatial relationships and presenting results clearly on maps. We work with the latest generation of GIS tools and keep a close eye on technical developments to safeguard the quality of our research.

Remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence

We have years of experience of mapping vegetation, habitats and geomorphology from aerial images for clients such as the Dutch government (Rijkswaterstaat). We also use our expertise to develop machine learning and automated classification. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also helping analyse the ever-growing stream of data that we collect with UAVs, radar and cameras, etc.