Lab analyses

DNA analysis

Waardenburg Ecology has developed a new DNA laboratory for plankton, macrofauna and various other species groups. We have experience of eDNA monitoring, qPCR and metabarcoding analyses and are proud to offer this service from our own facility in Haren.

What makes Waardenburg Ecology unique is our broad expertise in the fields of ecology, taxonomy and DNA techniques. This enables us to combine traditional and the latest innovative techniques into unique applications and efficient monitoring programmes.


We obtained a European grant from the Partnership for North Netherlands (SNN) to develop our DNA monitoring service for a period of three years (2020–2023), as well as a subsidy from the province of Groningen. The activities are part of a project on Technology for DNA Macrofauna and Plankton in Surface Water (TEMPO).
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DNA monitoring

Our DNA lab services can be divided into two main categories: species-specific research (qPCR) and population research (barcoding), which can also include the monitoring of species and communities (metabarcoding).