Marine and offshore
Monitoring and surveys


The dropcam is an underwater camera system that provides real-time images of underwater habitats that can be recorded for later analysis. This technique is often used for underwater research and inventories of benthic life. Waardenburg Ecology has several systems that are used for both marine projects from large ships and manually from smaller boats in inland waters.

We use various techniques when undertaking underwater surveys, including several dropcams. A dropcam is ideal for surveying the benthos at various types of locations and especially at greater depths of up to 45 meters deep!

Innovative 4K video system

A dropcam system is a remotely controlled underwater video and photo system that allows real-time views of life under the water. In 2022, we added a high-end, very light-sensitive 4K video system with built-in lighting to our fleet of dropcams. This system records incredibly sharp images of the seabed, even under conditions found in the North Sea (limited visibility, strong currents and waves). We can then map life on the sea bottom using image analysis techniques.

Maximum results

The technology is flexible, fast and economical because in many cases we don't need to deploy a diving team. Depending on the system used, the dropcam can be brought to the research location by hand or by crane. We have extensive knowledge and experience with underwater photography and videography, making us the ideal partner to ensure maximum performance of these advanced camera systems.