Monitoring and surveys

Ecological advice

Wildlife is protected through a range of laws and legislation. Activities must comply with regulations to prevent impacts on protected wildlife and habitats, and in many cases permits are required that state the conditions under which activities can occur. Waardenburg Ecology has knowledge of wildlife legislation and practical measures to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Ecological advice and guidance can consist of advising on
activities (such as construction, demolition, vegetation clearance, excavation and events) and developing an ecological work protocol. If necessary, we check for protected species and advise on protection, mitigation and translocation.


Waardenburg Ecology advises on mitigation and compensation measures. We often implement these measures ourselves or can advise during their implementation and assess their effectiveness. We have experience with inspections, advice and supervision during demolition and renovation, infrastructure projects, work on waterways, tree felling and large festivals.

Protected species

Our ecologists have extensive knowledge of protected species and are able to provide tailor-made advice on species-specific mitigation measures. This might include the addition of bat boxes in construction projects or the design of new habitats, such as pools for the natterjack toad.