Monitoring and surveys


Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) are a legal requirement for many large-scale developments. Waardenburg Ecology is regularly involved in EIAs for everything from wind farms to industrial estates and highways. We use our specialist ecological knowledge to contribute to various aspects of the EIA process.

An Environmental Impact Assessment assesses the direct and indirect impacts of a development on a variety of environment factors including biodiversity. The process ensures that wildlife is considered at an early stage in the planning process.


We determine the effects on wildlife, in both Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Appropriate Assessments (AAs). This includes assessing potential significant effects on protected species or areas and, where necessary, assessments under other legal frameworks.

Offshore wind farms

Environmental Impact Assessments must include measures to avoid, prevent, mitigate, compensate or offset likely significant impacts on wildlife. We identify the most effective and efficient solutions for minimizing ecological impacts. We look for innovative and feasible measures that are most effective for the species and areas in question. Since 2014, we have been advising on ecological aspects of all new offshore wind energy in Dutch offshore waters. We do this together with Pondera Consult.