Monitoring and surveys

Fish stocks

Fish are high in the food chain and are important indicators of water quality. The presence or absence of certain species provides insights into the quality of the entire aquatic ecosystem, in both freshwater, brackish and marine environments. Knowledge of fish stocks is essential for water aurthorities and nature conservation organisations.

Research into fish stoks in the Netherlands follows the approach of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). This method gives reliable assessments that water authorities can use to identify measures to improve fish stocks. Our fish researchers are trained in field techniques and have a lot of practical experience. This is necessary for choosing the right sampling methodology and for ensuring safety in the field.

Fish migration and innovation

Fish can make use of different habitats for reproduction and overwintering. Migration routes are therefore a prerequisite for healthy fish populations. Barriers between areas can prevent the establishment or favourable conservation status of fish populations. Waardenburg Ecology uses innovative techniques to map fish migration bottlenecks, such as underwater cameras, e-DNA or the elver finder.

Water authorities

Questions as to the best measures for improving fish stocks, the expected benefits in relation to WFD targets, and on the occurrence of rare species or common for water authorities. Our specialist ecologists are happy to advise and support you in answering these questions.