Monitoring and surveys


Insects are a vital part of many ecosystems. Apart from being indicator species they are indispensable for crop cultivation. Without these natural pollinators, supermarket shelves would become empty and our natural world would lose some beautiful creatures. Fortunately, insects are now in the spotlight among both site managers and policymakers.

Insects are extremely important for life on our planet. They pollinate flowers and are a major food source for many birds, mammals and other animals.

Protecting insects

Worldwide, 40% of insect species are in decline and more than a third are now endangered. This has a huge impact on both wildlife and people. Fortunately, a number of species (especially beetles, dragonflies and butterflies) are protected through legislation. Waardenburg Ecology conducts research into protected species and their habitats, such as prior to developments or habitat management.

Restoring biodiversity

Many companies, farmers and nature organisations are members of the 'Dutch plan for biodiversity recovery' (Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel), a national initiative with the main goal of increasing the biodiversity of the Netherlands. Waardenburg Ecology is also a partner of this initiative.
In addition to insect monitoring and research, our ecologists work closely with our ecological landscape designers to advise on ways to benefit these colourful creatures.