Monitoring and surveys

Marine and offshore

Waardenburg Ecology has a long history of marine ecological monitoring and research. For decades, our multidisciplinary team has been studying all ecological aspects of the marine environment, from coastal areas to offshore waters. Our research encompasses wildlife above and below the water as well as their ecology.

We have been involved in assessing the impacts of developments in marine environments, such as the construction of flood barrier systems and coastal defences and numerous offshore wind farms. We pride ourselves on our innovative research in projects relating to the energy transition and ecosystem restoration and have specialist ecologists certified for working offshore and underwater.

Bird behaviour

We collect data on the abundance and offshore movements of seabirds and migratory terrestrial birds. We study how these birds interact with wind energy projects in coastal and offshore waters. We also use data to model and assess population-level effects using innovative techniques such as digital and visual aerial and ship-based surveys, 2D and 3D radar techniques, bird-bourne tracking technologies and flight height measurements using laser rangefinders,


We are continually growing our knowledge by conducting underwater research into biodiversity and ecosystems. We also work on recovery and restoration projects using the principles of wildlife-friendly design and nature-based solutions. We conduct monitoring projects on marine mammals, benthic communities, and seagrasses. We are also closely involved in oyster recovery projects in the North Sea.

We use advanced underwater monitoring techniques such as sonar, boxcore, dredge, handheld core sampler, as well as various video techniques and DNA analyzes (see illustration above). We also have a team of biologists certified as professional divers and the right technology available for every question.

An overview of various offshore studies

Ecological studies in offshore wind farms