Waardenburg Ecology believes in the power of collaboration. Together you know more, together you come to a supported plan. We are therefore happy to design a public space, or shape an area development, together with all stakeholders. This ensures involvement and responsibility among residents, for example.

Local knowledge and involvement are of great importance for a long-lasting plan. A thorough participatory process ensures that the rules of the game are clear from the start, such as demarcation of a subject and responsibilities. We work with groups that all have their own responsibilities, such as a working group, a sounding board group and a steering group. Communication is an important part of the process and is leading in expectation management.

Exploratory phase

Collecting wishes, frustrations and knowledge of an area is important in the start-up phase. This works best with an initial reconnaissance, so that everyone is fully engaged from the start. Clearly explaining the process, schedule, responsibilities and expected end result are other important topics.

Workshops and collaboration

Depending on the size and problem, we are also happy to organize workshops. We go through the creative process together with the participants. We use exercises to increase input, cooperation and involvement. We work with maps and sketches to translate discussions spatially and visually. The client and those involved learn from each other's needs and limitations. This often creates a good basis for a long-term cooperation.