Monitoring and surveys

Protected species

Throughout the world wildlife is protected by law. In European countries environmental and wildlife legislations stipulate the need to assess the potential affects on of developments or activities on protected species. This assessment outlines any actions or measures needed to mitigate impacts on wildlife. Our experienced ecologists have knowledge of the most effective and practical measures for species protection.

Field research into one or more species may be necessary to determine whether permits are required prior to work commencing. Waardenburg Ecology has practical experience of a range of species groups and uses the latest techniques and methods for collecting, analysing and presenting field data.

Prevention or mitigation

Based on the field research, we determine the effects of the development on protected species. We also indicate measures that can be taken to prevent impacts on wildlife. If negative effects cannot be ruled out, we advise, based on our research and experience, which measures are necessary to limit the effects on protected species as much as possible.

Advice throughout the process

The field research, impact assessment and the advice on measures are part of the assessment. Subsequently, permits can be applied for. We assist clients with applications for permits and, if necessary, we assist as an expert witness during legal proceedings. We also provide a second opinion in case of questions on studies carried out by third parties.