Data management

Statistical analyses

Due to the diversity of our studies, we generate enormous amounts of data. Ecological data are often complex and need to be correctly interpreted. Statistics are indispensable for untangling answers from complex datasets. Waardenburg Ecology's specialist statistical team have experience with a range of techniques and use the latest knowledge in this field.

Statistics allow us to explore and quanitfy relationships and uncertainties. We regularly include statistical analyses when interpreting data and have knowledge of the latest statistics and models.

Statistical models

Trend analyses to determine the effect of disturbance on bird numbers, the development of shellfish beds over time or determining the relationship between habitat availability and the abundance of a species: all this is possible with statistical models.

Mathematical models

We use mathematical models to predict the effect of management measures and developments on the landscape. This allows for a better understanding of complex natural systems. This includes everything from changes to the watercourse to estimating the effects of increased mortality (for example due to hunting or collisions with wind turbines) on bird populations.

Statistics is a very important subject and central to our work!