Laws and regulations

Environmental and planning legislations

The Environmental Act came into effect on January 1, 2024 in the Netherlands. This new law bundles various existing laws in the field of spatial development, including the Nature Conservation Act. Our specialists are knowledgable on the Dutch Environment and Planning Act so that we can adequately guide and advise our clients

The Dutch Environment and Planning Act (2024) replaces 26 existing laws with the aim of creating a simpler, more coherent and clearer legislation.
The Nature Conservation Act (species and area protection) is fully incorporated into the new Environment and Planning Act. Although there are many changes, especially in the procedures, there are also some substantive innovations. The most important substantive change is that the duty of care will apply to plants, animals and Natura 2000 areas. This duty of care may require additional measures to be taken (compared to the usual measures) to mitigate or compensate for the effects on wildlife and the natural environment.

Preparing for the new Environment and Planning Act

In September 2023, our employees attended a course day on the new Environment and Planning Act, given by Sander Hunink (Natuurinclusive). The course was a great success and provided a good foundation for working with the new Environment and Planning Act. Our staff combine this new information with their existing knowledge on environmental legislation and ecology so that we can advise you properly about the Environmental Act.
Internal course held in September 2023
Provided by Sander Hunink of Natuurinclusive.