Monitoring and surveys

Understanding flight patterns with radar 3D Max

Since 2018, Waardenburg Ecology has been working with the innovative 3D bird radar Max®, which has been developed by Robin Radar Systems based in the Netherlands. Due to it using stacked radar beams, this bird radar is able to track and record the flight path of birds in 3D within a radius of approximately seven kilometers.

The 3D bird radar creates a new image of its environment every second, collecting information on flight paths, flight heights, direction and speed of all birds within range of the radar. This information is automatically saved in a database. In the field we link information about species and numbers of birds to the radar data. The 3D bird radar is an independently operating system, which makes it possible to measure continuously for long periods of time, both day and night.
Vliegbewegingen in beeld
3D vogelradar Max aan het werk

Analysing flight patterns

The 3D bird radar can be used in studies into the flight behaviour of birds; from ground level to heights up to one kilometre. It is also possible to analyse a selection of radar data, such as investigating flight movements in a certain direction, or of migrant birds or local flight movements. This innovative 3D radar makes it possible to study flight movements at high-voltage power lines and the fight intensity around airports.