Urban design

Waardenburg Ecology is passionate about creating climate-friendly, biodiverse and beautiful public spaces in urban areas. We build on the story of the location and ensure that the design fits well with the surrounding environment.

Healthy soil and sufficient water are the basis for a well-functioning public space. With each new assignment, we start by mapping the soil and water systems to ensure we explore all of the possibilities. We then ensure that the space is suitable for mitigating climate extremes, such as heat and extreme rainfall.

Connectivity with natural areas

Our plans allow space for the natural world by ensuring connectivity with surrounding areas. We map target species and determine their requirements and how they can be incorporated into the public area. Consider, for example, a good microclimate created through strategically positioning trees (not too hot, not too much wind) and the placement of benches in these places. Our insights into incorporating natural elements results in attractive and pleasant outdoor spaces that are easy to manage.

We work at various scale levels in new situations or during renovation:
  • immediate surroundings of the building (wildlife-inclusive building)
  • streets and squares
  • parks
  • business parks
  • cemeteries
  • healthy waterways

The design process

In the design process, we arrive at a supported plan in a number of steps together with the client, stakeholders and residents. We present a product, discuss it and then refine it based on the reactions.

  1. We let our selves be inspired by the client's requirements and by natural elements. Along with our unique insights this leads to a clear story for the plan area (the vision).
  2. All functions are given a place in the preliminary design and reinforce each other where possible. Profiles and impressions provide insight into how the space will be experienced.
  3. The final design is a detailed, integral spatial design in which profiles and details provide insight into how the plan works.
  4. A management plan is drawn up as needed.