Monitoring and surveys

Water Framework Directive

Water Framework Directive (WFD) management cycle targets must be achieved by 2027. Water authorities work hard to reach this goal. Waardenburg Ecology assists with monitoring, research and management measures. Our ecological knowledge and understanding of functioning water systems are essential when improving the ecological and chemical quality of our waterways.

The Water Framework Directive is the most important policy outlining the management of water quality. We contribute to the WDF in various ways and regularly collaborate with civil engineers.

Monitoring and measures

We carry out various standard measurement programmes for the Dutch government and water authorities, often as part of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). This includes surveys for aquatic plants, macrofauna and fish. We also survey benthos, seagrass and saltmarshes of coastal areas, providng insights into the current state of these waters and contributing to the understanding of the functioning of water systems.

We work with various water authorities on measures to improve the ecology of waterways. This includes the construction of wildlife-friendly riverbanks, fish spawning areas, side channels and flood plains.


We also carry out assessments under the WFD, including whether a development will have impacts on reaching WFD targets and the effectiveness of management measures.