Freshwater systems
Monitoring and surveys

Waterbird surveys

Waterbirds are good indicators of the ecological quality of waterways. Many waterbird species are specialists and only occur when certain conditions are present, such as the certain aquatic plants, fish or invertebrate species. Knowledge of bird communities is therefore essential for the management of waterways and nature reserves.

Bird surveys (of breeding birds or overwintering waterbirds) provide important information about the ecological quality of that area. Surveys are therefore important for assessing management goals (including Natura 2000 and for nature conservation) and for monitoring the success of nature legislation.

Bird counts and innovation

Count methodologies follow national and international guidelines and therefore provides data comparable to Dutch national surveys organised by Sovon. The occurrence of breeding birds and waterbirds can be compared over time and to regional and national trends. Waardenburg Ecology has extensive experience with bird surveys, including large-scale counts in the Dutch delta areas (undertaken for the government).
We use innovative techniques to carry out bird counts, such as with aircraft, UAVs, radar and cameras.

Questions for the management of waterways

What measures can improve bird populations? Where do rare species occur and why? These are important questions that managers of waterways and nature reserves face. Our bird ecologists are happy to advise and support in answering these questions.