Monitoring and surveys

Water system analyses

In water system analyses, the interactions of environmental factors, flora and fauna is unraveled and the key mechanisms become transparent. This type of analysis requires a full understanding of ecological systems and processes, which fits our expertise at Waardenburg Ecology perfectly. A thorough water system analysis often forms the basis for designing improvement measures.

Water is a key component of the Dutch landscape, from small drainage systems to the deltas of the Rhine and the Meuse. Our Aquatic Ecology sector consists of experts in the fields of fresh, marine and brackish water systems.

Various spatial scales

We make optimal use of our comprehensive expertise in water system analyses, where all aspects of ecosystems are addressed. Where necessary, we use hydrological or morphological knowledge from partnerships with regular collaborators. We carry out these types of system analyses at different spatial scales. For example, an assessment for a floodplain prior to management measures or a water system analysis for an entire river.

Biological and environmental parameters

Biological data is already a good indicator of the condition of a water system, but in combination with additional environmental factors the analysis becomes even more complete. We have various equipment to measure environmental parameters, such as oxygen, temperature or concentrations of algae.

Moreover, with all species-group experts in-house, we are well able to link the biological and environmental parameters to the environmental factors and on this basis carry out an optimal and comprehensive water system analysis!