Monitoring and surveys

Birds and music festivals

Music festivals often take place during the breeding season of birds. Waardenburg Ecology carries out inventories to prevent breeding birds from being disturbed and wildlife legislation from being broken.

Ecologische begeleiding

Substantial disturbance to breeding birds due to events such as a festival is forbidden under wildlife legislation. For several years, Waardenburg Ecology has been accompanying the Awakenings festival in Houtrak, Haarlemmermeer. The event, with heavy techno music, took place in April 2022; a period when many species have just started to breed. To prevent the disturbance to breeding birds, a breeding bird survey was carried out prior to the event.
muziekpodium op de achtergrond met daarvoor een onderzoeker van Waardenburg Ecolgy
One of our researchers at work during the Awakenings festival


Because of the many dogs that run loose and swim in the park every day, there were no breeding birds around the waterbody. The study prior to the festival also showed that disturbance-sensitive species, such as birds of prey, woodpeckers and owls, did not breed in the shrublands next to the event location. Less sensitive species, such as small songbirds, were located so deep in the shrubs that they are protected by the plants.
Additional measures were taken prior to the festival, such as fences to prevent visitors from entering the vegetated areas. During the event, all previously encountered species appeared to be actively present in their territories. There was no noticeable change in behaviour.

Through a combination of research and various well-founded precautions, this edition of Awakenings went well for both people and wildlife.

The same ecological guidance methodology is applied to the other festivals. Preventative measures and camera research also reduce effects on species such as badgers and small mustelids.