Biodiversity action plans

Biodiversity action plans identify steps for protecting and restoring biodiversity. Waardenburg Ecology has broad knowledge of species and habitats, as well as ecological processess. This is essential when outlining successful and practical steps for improving biodiversity at both the local and regional scales.

A biodiversity action plan helps site managers gain insights into protecting and increasing biodiversity. It provides clarity to authorities and local residents alike, and can be used to assess whether goals are being achieved.

Our process

We first create an inventory of the current situation and assess the potential for wildlife and habitat restoration. We often involve local stakeholders when gauging the desired goals. We then clearly describe actions needed to maintain the current situation and to improve it further. We pay close attention to site development, management and to communicating the plan with stakeholders.

Biodiversity action plan

A biodiversity action plan can take several forms: a 'biodiversity vision statement', a further addition to an sustainable urban plan and input for an environmental plan, as well as part of an ecological landscape analysis is also a good example of this.

The emphasis is on biodiversity, but there are often opportunities for combining goals for biodiversity with, for example, those for climate change adaptation.