Renewable energy

Energy efficiency

As part of the drive to reduce energy use, homes and businesses are being insulated. Often this can have impacts on legally protected birds and bats. Waardenburg Ecology has experience of how to ensure species protection and building improvements can both be a success. We work closely with housing corporations, contractors and project developers, to advise on practical solutions for every situation.

In building improvement projects we aim on making the entire process run as smoothly as possible for our clients, and to improve the situation for protected animal species. An important step is to assess the situation in the preliminary phase to ensure maximum benefit for both wildlife and people.

Protected species

When making buildings more energy efficient, protectd species such as house sparrows, swifts and bats have to be taken into account. Making nesting sites inaccessible, unusable or removing them is illegal under wildlife protection legislation. Permission to carry out improvement works can be granted by the competent authorities, providing a suitable ecological work protocal and measures to safeguard protected species have been submitted. Work can only proceed after this permission has been obtained.

Practical and complete support

We can advise throughout all steps in the process, from an initial field survey and analysis to advising on the necessary mitigation measures and producing an ecological work protocol. Our skilled and enthusiastic ecologists are also happy to help support during the application process and provide ecological supervision during the work.