Inspiring visualisations for biodiversity

Restoring biodiversity relies on cooperation across all parts of society. This can be challenging and also insightful! Visualisations are a crutial part of communication and can improve broader engagement as well as encourage parties to see the value of a rich biodiversity.

Many developments, such as housing and infrastructure, can be combined with biodiversity enhancement measures. The interests of wildlife are not always considered during the planning process, often as this can be difficult to visualise. We have experience in creating inspiring visualisations that convey the practicalities of helping biodiversity.

Visualising developments

We can create a range of inspirational visulatisations for a specific area (such as a local authority) or a specific theme (such as business parks or water storage facilities). These visualisations form a document that can help parties envisage the outcome of developments in which biodiversity is an important component. These documents can be physical or digital or as intuitively searchable brochures. We use a visual approach that is understandable to everyone.

Increasing opportunities

Our products inspire, through sketches, illustrated photos and visualisations we connect with a range of audiences. By including concerns and wishes from stakeholders and local residents, we can turn them into opportunities for biodiversity in a positive and inspiring way. This also helps to increase support for wildlife-friendly developments.