CO2 performance ladder

Sustainable operations through the CO2 performance ladder

We continue to make our business operations more sustainable and further reduce our CO2 emissions through the CO2 performance ladder.
The CO2 performance ladder encourages companies to act on reducing CO2 emmisions in their own business operations and in the implementation of projects. This primarily relates to saving energy and the use of renewable energy.

Insight, reduction, transparency and participation

The purpose of the CO2 performance ladder is to encourage companies to be aware of their own CO2 emissions, and those of their suppliers, and to continually explore new opportunities to reduce emissions within their own company and across their entire operations.

The performance ladder encourages companies to set firm goals and to undertake action wherever possible. Furthermore, companies are encouraged to share the knowledge acquired on this subject and to actively look for opportunities to further reduce emissions together with colleagues, institutions, social groups and governments.

CO2 footprint

Our CO2 footprint and the steps we are taking to reduce this further is described in more detail on our Dutch pages on the CO2-prestatieladder.