Data management

Data collection

In addition to deploying ecologists in the field, we use technology to collect data faster, more accurately and in larger volumes. This also applies to our hydrobiology and eDNA laboratories. Waardenburg Ecology takes great care in the data collection process, continuously monitoring the quality and effectiveness of our methods and improving quality and efficiency where possible.

We use mobile devices and apps during fieldwork, including the ArcGIS platform and Field Maps from Esri, and more specialist software. This not only ensures efficient and standardised data collection but also security through online back-ups.

Custom apps, UAVs and sonar

We develop and manage many applications for the input, management and storage of data ourselves, particularly for our laboratory work. This ensures efficiency as we can adapt these as projects dictate. We use UAVs and sonar to efficiently collect high-resolution data and allow repeatability.

Automated systems

Systems that collect data autonomously and around the clock are ideal for monitoring at remote locations and over long periods of time. We use radar for recording the flight movements of birds at offshore wind farms and acoustic equipment for monitoring bats. Many of our systems are accessible remotely so that we can monitor progress and download data automatically. Automatic camera traps are widely used for monitoring wildlife crossings but the technical possibilities for collecting and registering data don't end there.