Monitoring and surveys

Radar ornithology

A radar can register the flight movements of birds 24/7. There is no limit to the number of birds that a radar can observe simultaneously. We have more than 25 years of experience in radar ornithology and work on land and at sea with various types of radar systems.

We use different types of radars in addition to visually observing the flight behaviour of birds. Radars registers tracks, but cannot identify species and an expert interpretation is essential. When flight movements in a large area have to be investigated over a long period of time or in an area that is difficult to access, radar can be invaluable. All birds within an area of a few kilometers around the antenna and up to several kilometers in height can be tracked day and night.
Flight paths of seagulls on the Second Maasvlakte

Monitoring and mitigation

Radars are ideal for long-term monitoring of seasonal migration or flight movements of local birds in and around wind farms. Radars can also contribute to limiting the effects of wind farms on birds. For example, a radar can issue a stop signal if there is intensive bird actvity at rotor height or if birds perform risky flight movements near the rotors.

3D bird radar Max®

We have an innovative 3D bird radar with which we can track and record the flight paths of birds in 3D within a radius of approximately seven kilometers.
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