Climate change

Climate adaptation in cities and the landscape

Our society faces the challenge of needing to adapt our living environment to climate change. We visualize the systems involved in ensuring our cities and landscapes are ready for this challenge. This results in advice for measures to combat heat stress, flooding, drought, and other pressures.

Many functions work well with climate adaptation, but it is important to apply the right measure in the right place. This is easier if a measure is already going to take place; then these climate-adaptive measures will be easier to incorporate. Yet it is also possible that climate-adaptive measures are the reason to take measures.

Back to basics

We visualize the system with a thorough analysis of the city or landscape. This forms the basis for choosing the right location and shape. Combined with the current or desired usage requirements, we come up with a design or advice for measures to combat heat stress, flooding and drought.


Our designers at Waardenburg Ecology are happy to show how we can create a climate-friendly space and what it will look like. This concerns structures (such as run-off channels) and elements (such as trees or green roofs). Each measure is developed in conjunction with the surrounding environment.
We structure the wishes and concerns of society and transform them into opportunities for climate adaptation in a positive, inspiring way and combine them with other possible uses.