Climate change

Climate research

The effects of climate change are noticeable in all ecosystems. Waardenburg Ecology studies the ecological consequences of drought, too much water, sea level rise and global warming on plants, animals and ecological processes. This knowledge helps to develop effective measures to prevent damage to wildlife as much as possible.

Climate change can cause problems on land and in water systems; some are already visible, such as long periods with too little precipitation. We investigate these developments using current data, but also in combination with model calculations. We regularly collaborate with research institutes
civil engineering project partners.

Advice for water authorities

We translate the effects of drought on fish populations in streams and other water types into measures. We also provide advice on climate-proof water management, after we have mapped out the expected changes in water quality as a result of climate change. Water authorities then respond to this with measures and targeted monitoring.


To map the effects studied, we can use an online mapping module. A so-called 'menu' with adaptation measures for managers is also a visual presentation form.