Wildlife-friendly design

Landscape design

Changes in the landscape can come about through changes in its use, the addition of a new element or a different view of the environment. A landscape design helps to provide insight into the change. The mission of Waardenburg Ecology is to provide an integrated design of a landscape with a pleasant experience where climate resiliance and biodiversity are important.

The basis of every future-proof design is the subsurface; the function of the soil and the water systems. We look at the relationships with the environment of the plan area.

Desired results

Based on subsurface systems, we map out the potential for use by humans and flora and fauna. We analyze the current use and give the new function or wishes a logical place. A landscape design is an integral design; we combine as many functions as possible. In this way we are building a new story for the landscape: flexible for future changes, resilient, efficient and beautiful. For example, we are involved in the design of the first offshore wind farm in which ecology is central. Our knowledge is used to create a flourishing ecosystem, with as little impact as possible on marine mammals, birds and bats, and to promote a vibrant underwater world.
More over the first ecological offshore wind farm; Ecowende


To achieve a successful design, we work closely with those involved in the area. We use local knowledge and are curious about the opinions of those involved. Together we are building a plan that ultimately belongs to everyone. It is the future for the local population, flora and fauna. We provide a well-intelligible design with maps, profiles, visualizations and concise texts.