Wildlife-friendly design

Public spaces

Waardenburg Ecology works passionately to create climate-friendly, biodiverse and beautiful public spaces. We build on the history of the location and ensure that the design fits in well within the immediate environment.

A climate-friendly and biodiverse public space is robust and sustainable. The space is suitable for dealing with climate extremes, such as heat and drought. Our designs give space to the natural world by connecting natural systems in the area. We also consider the health of soil and water systems.

Wildlife-inclusive design

We are inspired by the 'program of requirements' of the community who will use the public space. We translate these wishes and requirements into a clear story for the plan area. All functions are given a place and reinforce each other where possible. An integral spatial design follows that can be worked out in detail. Profiles and impressions provide insight into how the plan works. We take realistic management into account in the design.


It is preferable to work together with those involved, and with local residents throughout the process. In a good design process there is room for input. We like to design together a special public space with a good balance between use and a sustainable future.
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